How to choose bedroom color combination well – Colors in the bedroom gives many influences toward your moods and productivity. Indeed, it sounds weird anyway; how the bedroom colors give effects to your productivity, which is commonly done outside. Well, there are many researches related to this point. When you are sleeping and taking a rest with a good mood, your jobs and activities outside tend to be smoother and more successful. Based on that fact, make sure to choose the right colors for the bedroom starting from now.

Combining two colors and more is never a bad thing. It can even make the design look more stylish as well as improve the atmosphere. However, you should not pick the colors randomly. There are some tips to follow for a great color combination for the bedroom. Check them out.

Bedroom Makeover Mid Century Modern

1.Size of the Bedroom

There are always issues of applying striking colors like red and yellow. Those colors are undeniably beautiful but in a wrong way, it can make the atmosphere stuffy, cramped, and not comfortable. So, what are the relationships between those colors and the bedroom’s size? when the bedroom is small enough, applying those striking colors is not allowed unless only as details or accents.

For a small-sized bedroom, it is much better to choose the neutral and soothing one. the combination of white and blue or white green is never wrong and boring. You can even apply those 3 colors into one. The colors are not only on the wall but also the furniture. While for a large bedroom, it is more flexible but it is still not good to apply many striking colors at once.

2.Furniture and Stuff Density

Some of you may need to put many items at once in the bedroom. In this case, it is impossible to make your room look larger even if the size is actually not small. So, to make the room a little bit more soothing, you can trick it with the color paint. Natural color ideas like green and blue are more recommended. You can also add another earthy color as the sweetener like brown or grey. It gives some effects of a larger area although there are too many things inside.

3.The Bedroom Owners

The bedroom owners tend to influence the color combination. Well, if you are an adult male, your taste must be different from a teenage girl. Men tend to love dark colors like black, dark blue, or grey. In case they want the room look lighter, light blue and white are often chosen. In other words, your personality and characteristics play important roles in creating the mood inside. Make sure to represent it well through the bedroom color.

4.Windows and Ventilation

The presence of windows and ventilation should also influence your ways to choose the bedroom color. When there are large windows around, the application of bright colors is great. Moreover, it is when the landscape outside is dominated by green plants. The combination tends to make the room more cheerful. Meanwhile, neutral colors are also great mainly if you want a kind of soothing bedroom color combination.